Hi there, I’m Norafizah Normin,
but you can call me, Fizah!

I’m currently a final year Interactive Design student in the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. I focus mostly on designing interactive experiences, but I also do a little graphic design. Before venturing into the world of design, I dabbled in events management and planning. My passion and interest in designing experiences sparked while I was doing events and getting to add that element of interactivity to it allows for an even greater immersive experience. Other than that, I enjoy creating works that explores topics about social or environmental issues.

In my free time, I do enjoy cooking, and am obsessed with playing couch games with my friends or family – I adore couch games so much that I made an interactive board game, check it out here! I also have a pet cat named Socks who was a stray that found refuge in my home.

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